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A helpful coach charter Johannesburg guide while planning your tours to the Gauteng region

Firstly, international Tour Groups traveling to Johannesburg in Gauteng, seek to receive the best coach charter service they can find. Most of the time, bus tour agencies and tour operators require late-model luxury coach hire options, Not forgetting, minibus hire for their smaller tour groups. Notably, Johannesburg is a buzzing hub of tour activity. As an illustration, it is the gateway to so many rich cultural, historical and tourist sightseeing opportunities. Most importantly, the distances to travel to across Johannesburg is quite vast. Having said that, you will require the best luxury bus charter options at your disposal. To round off, we provide luxury coach hire services for all tour occasions.

We provide luxury coach hire services for any occasion

In short, we cover all bus rental services across Johannesburg. Worth mentioning, is that the travel distances in Johannesburg is quite vast. Furthermore, easily in a given tour day, a luxury coach can travel up to 280 kilometers. As a result, Tour Operators and Passengers want to know that they have the best coaches available at the best charter prices. To clarify, luxury coach transport is a sizeable cost on a Tour Groups’ budget, but no less important. Consequently, we know how vital it is that tour Passengers are comfortable while on tour.

Bus Service Standards

Indeed, we work very hard to ensure that our Customers receive an excellent bus hire service. To summarize, we give our Clients reason to have confidence in our expertise and experience.

  • Modern, neat and clean luxury coaches always provided

  • Trained and experienced tour drivers with defensive driving skills

  • Maintained and mechanically sounds touring buses

  • Airport toll and general parking fees provided

To be honest, from start to finish, we work hard and diligently behind the scenes to ensure you have a stress-free tour.

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"Customers expect a great charter bus service. They deserve nothing less. We are privileged to serve them. Period."

Affordable and Available

Bus and coach charter vehicle options in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Notably, Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province is one of the busiest Tourist destinations in South Africa. Moreover, we are constantly providing an number of coach charter variations for bus tour agencies and tour operators. Having said that, the distances between the tourist attractions are vast, and as such luxury coach charter vehicles are required. Therefore, we provide this quick list of luxury coaches available in Johannesburg.

Luxury coach hire vehicles available in Johannesburg

• 7 – 9 seater touring minivans
• 10 – 14 seater Toyota Quantum minivans
• 15 – 22 seater luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses
• 15 – 22 seater semi-luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses
• 22 – 28 seater luxury coaches

Luxury bus charter note:
Complimentary trailers are provided on airport arrivals/departures and overland trips for smaller buses

• 30 – 32 seater premium luxury coaches
• 34 – 39 seater luxury coaches
• 44 – 52 seater full luxury tour coaches
• 56 – 60 seater luxury touring busses
• 60 – 70 seater conference coaches
• 60 seater semi-luxury bus with air conditioning
• 60 – 75 semi-luxury buses

Worth mentioning, you get to choose from a wide variety of buses and coaches for your Johannesburg tour
. Not forgetting, the semi-luxury coaches remain a great affordably prices coach charter Johannesburg option for your local transportation needs.

Best coach hire options

In conclusion: enjoy luxury bus charter Johannesburg options for many occasions

Most importantly, we understand Clients are need of above average coach charter services in Johannesburg. Be that as it may, luxury bus rental budgets is also the deciding factor for many tour operators. In addition, luxury transportation is one of the vital aspects of a tour. However, we’ve seen Tour Operators make their tour group transportation the last link of the budget. This is of course a great mistake since up to 75% of the tour is spent on the luxury coach.

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