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A helpful coach charter Johannesburg guide while planning your tours to the Gauteng region

Firstly, international Tour Groups considering bus hire Johannesburg options for their tour in the Gauteng region, seek to receive the best coach charter service they can find. Most of the time, bus tour agencies and tour operators require late-model luxury coach hire options, Not forgetting, minibus hire for their smaller tour groups. Notably, Johannesburg is a buzzing hub of tour activity. As an illustration, it is the gateway to so many rich cultural, historical and tourist sightseeing opportunities. Most importantly, the distances to travel to across Johannesburg is quite vast. Having said that, you will require the best luxury bus charter options at your disposal. To round off, we provide luxury coach hire services for all tour occasions.

We provide luxury coach hire services for any occasion

In short, we cover all bus rental services across Johannesburg. Worth mentioning, is that the travel distances in Johannesburg is quite vast. Furthermore, easily in a given tour day, a luxury coach can travel up to 280 kilometers. As a result, Tour Operators and Passengers want to know that they have the best bus hires available in Johannesburg at the best charter prices. To clarify, luxury coach transport is a sizeable cost on a Tour Groups’ budget, but no less important. Consequently, we know how vital it is that tour Passengers are comfortable while on tour.

Bus Service Standards

Indeed, we work very hard to ensure that our Customers receive an excellent bus hire service. To summarize, we give our Clients reason to have confidence in our expertise and experience.

  • Modern, neat and clean luxury coaches always provided

  • Trained and experienced tour drivers with defensive driving skills

  • Maintained and mechanically sounds touring buses

  • Airport toll and general parking fees provided

To be honest, from start to finish, we work hard and diligently behind the scenes to ensure you have a stress-free tour.

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    "Customers expect a great charter bus service. They deserve nothing less. We are privileged to serve them. Period."

    Coach hire in Johannesburg for every occasion

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    Minibus Hire

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    Affordable and Available

    Bus and coach charter vehicle options in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    Notably, Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province is one of the busiest Tourist destinations in South Africa. Moreover, we are constantly providing an number of coach charter variations for bus tour agencies and tour operators. Having said that, the distances between the tourist attractions are vast, and as such luxury coach charter vehicles are required. Therefore, we provide this quick list of luxury coaches available in Johannesburg.

    Luxury coach hire vehicles available in Johannesburg

    • 7 – 9 seater touring minivans
    • 10 – 14 seater Toyota Quantum minivans
    • 15 – 22 seater luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses
    • 15 – 22 seater semi-luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses
    • 22 – 28 seater luxury coaches

    Luxury bus charter note:
    Complimentary trailers are provided on airport arrivals/departures and overland trips for smaller buses

    • 30 – 32 seater premium luxury coaches
    • 34 – 39 seater luxury coaches
    • 44 – 52 seater full luxury tour coaches
    • 56 – 60 seater luxury touring busses
    • 60 – 70 seater conference coaches
    • 60 seater semi-luxury bus with air conditioning
    • 60 – 75 semi-luxury buses

    Worth mentioning, you get to choose from a wide variety of buses and coaches for your Johannesburg tour
    . Not forgetting, the semi-luxury coaches remain a great affordably priced coach charter Johannesburg option for your local transportation needs. Although, if your tour itinerary includes Cape Town bus hire, you will enjoy slightly cheaper costs, since distances are not as vast as in Johannesburg.

    Utter Comfort

    Luxury coach hire touring made easy

    What can I can expect when booking a luxury coach rental?

    Quite honestly, we’ve heard Tour Drivers say that these luxury coach charters drives better than a car. And we know that to be true. For example, you have your very own luxury amenities on the coach charter while touring. Essentially, each reclining seat has its own armrests, air-conditioning port which you can control and a reading light. If you’re sitting at the window you could close the curtain if your fellow Passenger won’t mind. Especially during the long distance transfers between Johannesburg and the Kruger Park.

    How many Passengers can be on a luxury coach charter bus?

    Firstly, your tour groups have a varied luxury bus hire option list available. The luxury coaches starts as low as a 24 seater and reaches all the way to a 65 seater luxury coach rental. To clarify, you can opt for a 28 seater, 30 seater, 32 seater, 34 seater and 36 seater. Not forgetting, the medium sized 39 seaters, 40, 44 and 48 seaters. The larger 52 and 57 seaters are world class as well. Further to this, the 59, 60 and 65 seaters are quite popular as well. Therefore, as a Tour Leader you could slot your Passenger numbers into each coach size as required.

    On Time Airport Shuttles

    Bus hire for airport shuttles from OR Tambo International Airport

    What coach hire options do we offer for airport transfers?

    Worth mentioning, our airport transfers service from OR Tambo International Airport covers all industries. Namely, conference and events, corporate groups, private and Family travel are but a few. As an example, for a small group of 4 Passengers, we usually dispatch the comfortable 7 seater touring minivan. On the other hand, for larger groups of 40 Passengers or more, we would offer the 48, 52 or 60 seater coaches. Keep in mind, you will have luggage with you  upon arrival, so this is taken into account. Trailers are provided on the small airport shuttles. The larger coaches has under-carriage luggage compartments to store the large luggage pieces.

    Essentially, arriving at ORT Airport after a long haul flight can be tiring. Thankfully, we pick up the slack by meeting you and your Group at arrivals. Quite frankly, we want to make sure that your airport shuttle to your hotel is as smooth as possible. Looking for your shuttle can be frustrating. Therefore, we
    prefer that you are met at arrivals.

    Comfortable Overland Touring

    Bus hire for long distance traveling to anywhere in South Africa

    Overland coach touring and bus hire choices

    First and foremost, you would want to be comfortable when traveling long distances. For example, a trip from Johannesburg to a central Lodge in Kruger National Park is about 450 kilometers. Notably, that is about a 5 – 6 hour road trip. Therefore, you and your tour Group will need a luxury coach rental, which can provide safety, and comfort. Frequently, we operate long distance trips to Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. Not to mention, other surrounding cities as well like East London, Kimberley and so much more. All the luxury coaches are equipped with onboard emergency toilets, reclining seats with seat belts, arm rests and other comforts you would expect.

    Affordable Comfort

    Minibus Hire in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province

    Mini bus hire in South Africa

    Generally speaking, minibus hire in South Africa is one of the most affordable tour coach charter options available. For example, the 16 seater and 17 seater luxury coaches are popular choices. Not forgetting, the 19 and 21 seater comfort coaches are booked on a continual basis. As an illustration, we discovered that certain small Tour Groups (12 Passengers or less), prefer some space. Therefore, they often book the 17 seater luxury touring coach for their local coach charter tour.

    Minibus hire in Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Indeed, some of our Tour Groups come back each year to tour Johannesburg. It doesn’t matter what purpose the coach rental is for. It could be for a corporate event or private local tour. Essentially, our minibus hire service in Johannesburg is completely versatile. As a benefit, we provide a complimentary trailer for all your airport transfers and overland parts of your tour. Whether you land at OR Tambo International Airport or Lanseria Airport, we have you covered. For longer distances to the Kruger Park, or any other Game Reserve, the Mercedes Benz minibus Sprinter is an ideal choice.

    Small Shuttle Transportation Hire

    Johannesburg Minivan Hire for your small tour groups

    Mini van hire services with a Tour Driver

    Quite honestly, small tour groups are filled with fun and adventure. Essentially, the group is small ranging between 4 and 13 Passengers. We’ve operated hundreds of 14 seater mini bus hire tours with a Tour Driver. Thankfully, whether you are in need of a 10 seater minibus, or a 7 seater minivan rental with Tour Driver we can meet your need. It must be remembered, that the cost of a 14 seater minibus with a tour driver is quite affordable. Real value for money. To explain, you could cover a large distance like 250kms at the fraction of the cost of say a larger luxury coach. Therefore, for groups of 7 Passenger up to 13 Passengers we can accommodate you on the minivan hire option.

    Best coach hire options

    In conclusion: enjoy luxury bus charter Johannesburg options for many occasions

    Most importantly, we understand Clients are need of above average coach charter services in Johannesburg. Be that as it may, luxury bus rental budgets is also the deciding factor for many tour operators. In addition, luxury transportation is one of the vital aspects of a tour. However, we’ve seen Tour Operators make their tour group transportation the last link of the budget. This is of course a great mistake since up to 75% of the tour is spent on the luxury coach.

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