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Mini Bus Hire Gauteng

Mini bus hire for your next tour experience

By and large, mini bus hire options is one of the most popular tour coaches for small groups. For the most part, if you have Passenger numbers of between 10 and 20 Tourists, then this vehicle is a good fit. Given these points, small tour parties tend to have compact itineraries and so can cover more places of interest. Therefore, when considering coach hire Johannesburg transport options for your tour, be sure to consider a minibus. This compact vehicle can be utilized for conference and event shuttles, Staff transport or for an outing for friends and Family.


Comfortable Features

Worth mentioning, all available minibuses includes:

  • Reclining seats with seat belts (semi-luxury models have non-reclining seats)

  • Arm rests for comfort and relaxation

  • Air-conditioning

  • Onboard fridge to keep drinks  and refreshments cool

  • Sliding windows (sealed/bonded windows on some models)

  • PA system with microphone

  • CD/DVD/Radio with monitor (DVD facility available on some models)

  • Interior overhead rucksack and parcel rack

  • Complimentary trailers provided for airport transfers/overland tours

Mini Bus Hire Quote

    Comfort. Luxury. Budget Friendly Minibuses.

    Covering the greater South Africa region

    Minibus transport for local or long distance touring

    Mini bus hire with experience Tour Drivers

    As has been noted, most minibus rentals is a budget friendly option for small tour groups. Further to this, an experienced Tour Driver makes your tour pleasant and comfortable. We work very hard behind the scenes in order to have your tour run smoothly. To clarify, we allocate one Tour Driver to provide the tour services throughout your stay. Whether you plan on touring to Kruger National Park, Swaziland or Botswana we have you covered. In essence, we have received amazing reviews and positive feedback from tour groups after completing their minibus charter tours with us.

    Compact yet comfortable

    Luxury minibus rentals for tours in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    Why luxury minibuses are suitable for long distance tours

    Quite frequently, we host international tour groups who travel from Johannesburg airport to the outer parts of the province. Additionally, these small tour groups often opt for the luxury minibus rental for their longer distances. Worth mentioning, they often travel to a luxury lodge in Kruger National Park, or Durban in Kwazulu-Natal. For these distances, the reclining seats with arm rests in the 17 seaters, 19 seaters and 21 seaters are welcomed. Not forgetting, the comforts of having an onboard refrigerator keep all snacks and refreshments cool. On some luxury coach models, you will be able to enjoy visual entertainment on a 27 inch flat screen television. Reach out with your enquiry on these models.

    Affordable local travel option

    Cheap semi-luxury minibus hire for private group tours in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    The affordable semi-luxury mini bus hire option is suitable for lower coach hire budgets

    Thankfully, if you have a tight budget for your local coach tour in Johannesburg you can utilize the semi-luxury minibus. For small to medium tour groups, the 16 seater semi-luxury minibus and the 22 seater semi-luxury coach, are quite popular. To explain, these minibus rentals have all the necessary features that a luxury coach would. But, it does not have relining seats, refrigerator or onboard visual media entertainment. However, we host Student tour groups, corporate groups or private tour groups in these coaches. Worth mentioning, the costs are between 20-30% cheaper than the luxury option, sometimes offering more savings. Therefore, the semi-luxury minibus hire option is an ideal option if you are looking to maximize your tour budget.

    Affordable minibus rental with experienced Tour Drivers

    Affordable Comfort and Luxury for Small Tour Groups.
    Choose from a Variety of Minibus Options for Tours in Johannesburg and Pretoria and surrounds.

    Best minibus transport in Johannesburg

    In conclusion, our minibus transport service in Johannesburg has provided countless tours. We’ve covered distances to Durban, Cape Town, Gheberha and Swaziland to name a few. Reach out to us on info@bushirejohannesburg.co.za for all your mini bus charter enquiries.