Johannesburg Passenger Transport | Gauteng Province

Local passenger transport companies in Johannesburg

What companies offering Passenger transport do I have access to while in Johannesburg, Gauteng? As a tour group, student or general tourist individual, you would need an option suitable to your needs. To explain, if you are an individual like a businessman you might want a dedicated Mercedes Benz luxury sedan with chauffeur. On the other hand, a student traveling may be comfortable using the general commuter bus service. Further to this, a tour group visiting South Africa for the express purpose of touring the countryside, would want a luxury coach charter vehicle. Be that as it may, here we layout all the Passenger transport companies for you to consider while in Johannesburg.

Generally speaking, we’ve learned so much through experience over the past 20 plus years in the coach hire industry. To clarify, we know Customers wants above average service at affordable and decent prices. Having mentioned that, there are various Passenger transport companies offering a variety of services for varying budgets. In the final analysis, an e-hailing service, commuter bus service, airport shuttle company to name a few are all modes of transport available in Johannesburg. So, which transport company type in Johannesburg will suit you?

Shuttle services in Gauteng

Airport shuttle companies in Johannesburg. Are they efficient?

Firstly, for small tour groups or individual travelers, their are a variety of airport shuttle companies in Johannesburg. Moreover, mostly operating from the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, their is always a buzz of activity. On the whole, transporting between 1 and up to 20 Passengers the airport shuttle companies is by far an attractive affordable option.

Gautrain Bus Service

Is the Gautrain Bus a great transport option?

All things considered, one of the many Passenger transport companies in Johannesburg is the the Gautrain Bus service. To summarize, the Gautrain bus service is connected to each Gautrain station, which then shuttles to various nearby suburbs across Johannesburg. On the other hand, this service does not operate over the weekends. Sadly, this is not ideal if you are visiting Johannesburg as a Tourist for sightseeing. Nevertheless, you can access the timetables here.

In Conclusion

In essence, you are not stranded for options when you’re traveling in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng Province. Additionally, you are in fact spoiled for choice with the many transport companies in Johannesburg. Finally, always know what would suit your needs and of course your budget. This way you will feel comfortable and at peace with your choice.

Are you planning a tour to Johannesburg in the future? Are you in need of help with your tour and travel preparations? Then use our bus hire prices guide to build an estimate bus tour budget. Moreover, you can choose between minibus rentals and luxury coach hire selections for all occasions in Johannesburg. In closing, Passenger transport companies in Johannesburg are readily available. Nevertheless, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. You can also send us a quick email to to receive assistance or a bus hire quote.