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Introducing, luxury coach rental Johannesburg prices

To begin with, customers expect prompt replies when seeking coach rental Johannesburg prices. Having said that, they don’t want to be rushed into making a decision. Questions like what luxury bus options are available? What does luxury coach hire in Johannesburg cost? In fact, customers shop around. Secondly, they want the best pricing for great value. Not to mention, they are not desperate. They require prompt assistance. 

Firstly, the bus tour industry is in a good place in terms of coach rental Johannesburg prices. However, we always provide fair pricing. Above all, even the best bus hire companies in Johannesburg have varied pricing. Therefore, they offer different styles of rendering services. Lastly, these prices and bus services should be easily accessible.

Most importantly, you need to understand bus hire Johannesburg prices

As an example, in general customers seeking bus hire prices in Johannesburg, waits up to 24 hours. In short, we understand that this is very frustrating. Understandably, hasty clients are in need of their bus charter pricing. This owing to, the fact that they need to make prompt decisions.

Equally important, is an explanation of bus charter Johannesburg costs

In particular, we are always working on better ways to connect with our customers. Firstly, the customers’ needs are of utmost importance. Secondly, clients require an answer immediately. Thirdly, waiting for 24 hours to pass before pricing is provided is very frustrating. Therefore, bus hire prices in Johannesburg is provided needs to be improved.

In fact, clients deserve quicker coach rental Johannesburg prices responses

Expressly, customers want their bus rental prices. Moreover, they need to present to their clients. Subsequently, pricing requests for full day and half day tours are in great demand. In the same vein, they want costs for meals at restaurants. Not to mention general sightseeing activities as well. Next, bus hire companies in Johannesburg as a fact, are way to slow. To conclude, there is tremendous growing demand for coach hire pricing.

Minibus Hire | Large Luxury Coach Hire | Conference Coach Charters

Types of coach rental Johannesburg prices and bus sizes

By way of example, you have the luxury of choosing a large coach or a small minibus. Most certainly, the bus rental Johannesburg prices fluctuate. To clarify, this depends on the size coach. On the other hand, the mini bus charter costs are fairly stable.

To emphasize, coach rental Johannesburg prices varies according to luxury coach sizes

First thing to remember, clients want various bus charter sizes. In other words, there is something for every type of service. Moreover, you can choose from the 60 seater or 52 seater. More specifically, the 39 seater luxury coach is very popular.

In comparison, the 32 seater coach hire price is very affordable

By all means, this bus charter option is ideal for smaller tour groups. To illustrate, these coaches have an average price of R 4,980.00. Finally, these coaches have different pricing. Still, it is affordable for private tour groups.

Truly, the 52 seater is a popular choice. It is perfect for large tour groups. For instance, this touring coach has another variation. Having said that, it is also available in a slightly bigger size, this being a 56 seater luxury bus.

Introducing, the 52 Seater super luxury coach option

Incidently, tour groups prefer this luxury transport rental in Johannesburg. Their tours are often large in passenger numbers. Particularly, the 52 seater is also available in the Scania Higer version. Surprisingly, this is the latest coach model to the luxury bus touring industry.

Speaking about this, see a short video here of how this coach is built. Clearly, they are leaders in the tourist bus building industry. For example, recently in south-west France, they utilized ethanol produced from the byproducts of local wine production. Specifically, this was used to power their Scania Interlink buses.

By the way, there are ample luxury comforts inside the coach

To change the topic, for those long distance tours, comfort is important. As an example, the long drive from Cape Town to Knysna is a 450 kilometer trip. But, it is one of the most beautiful scenic tours. This is known as the Garden Route. Evidently, these luxury features definitely adds value.

Truly, passengers can enjoy the following comforts inside the bus:

  • in fact, there are ample seats available, 52 – 56 seats
  • for the same reason, the padded reclining seats are spacious and comfortable
  • not to mention, an air-conditioning and a heating system
  • additionally, individual reading lights for night travelling

  • lastly, cup holders positioned behind each seat

To confirm, these peripheral luxury features are available on the touring coach:

  • at least, 30% window tint for those hot summer sun rays
  • blinds for those longer travel distances when you want to catch a snooze
  • whereas, sufficient overhead parcel shelves are there, to stow your rucksack or laptop
  • on the whole, a PA system with a microphone
  • Radio, DVD and CD player with USB support
  • without exception, an onboard refrigerator to keep drinks cold
  • obviously, a readily available emergency toilet with wash basin

  • finally, two entrance boarding points available on some coach models

Coach rental Johannesburg prices on the 52 seater bus

Most certainly, the expected coach rental Johannesburg prices range between R 5,900.00 and R 8,500.00. Admittedly, this is based on the 52 seater. Considering this, these prices are for a day service. Furthermore, you can build your bus rental budget with these prices.

Although, this is dependent on certain conditions

Nevertheless, this depends on a few factors. For example, where is the pick up point located? Secondly, what tour is required on the day? Additionally, what distance must be covered? Thirdly, would a dinner transfer be required later in the evening? In summary, all these elements are taken into account. Finally, a fair price is provided.

Specifically, the Hyundai 39 seater luxury coach rental Johannesburg prices remains affordable

To explain, this bus transport option is suitable for sports groups. In addition, it is ideal for conference groups and for general touring. In the same way, these coaches are also used for large groups. For example, long distance trips from Johannesburg to Cape Town is in a high demand. Speaking about this, the 39 seater luxury bus has the comfort to go the distance. In summary, the rate per kilometer of the 39 seater is under R 20.00.

In particular, it is a vehicle of choice for major sporting events

As a final point, the Hyundai 39 seater Universal luxury coach was use to transport the football teams during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South African in June 2010. What is more, the interior is luxurious and styled for comfort. For this reason, the football world cup bus hire prices tripled and quadrupled. Lastly, some bus rental prices were about R 12,000.00 for a full day.

Indeed, the 39 seater is a luxurious coach interior designed for passenger comfort and relaxed travel

In fact, this coach has reclining seats with foldable arm rests. Additionally, it has passenger seat belts to provide for a safe transport experience. Furthermore, the air conditioner and centralized heating system enables the Passenger cabin to be climate controlled. As a result, the cabin remains filled with clean and fresh air.

Above all, this luxury coach is favourably priced for hire in Johannesburg

Whatever happens, this coach is affordably priced for coach charter services in Johannesburg. To put it briefly, the average price of this coach is R 6,500.00. Additionally, our bus company discounts coach hire prices, specifically, during the off-peak season of the tour industry. As a result, the 39 seater becomes extremely affordable and budget friendly. Owing to the fact, that this makes the coach a favourite among tour agents, therefore, it is in high demand.

Enjoy a variety of options

Various coach charter services available in Johannesburg

Firstly, we offer various coach charter services in Johannesburg to our clients. Moreover, the value added assistance which we provide compliments your tour objectives. In fact, while traveling, our customers seek quick quality solutions. Given these points, these services are efficient and cost-effective. Thus, we provide a variety of bus charter services.

To clarify, choose from a variety of bus hire prices and services in Johannesburg

In effect, we aim to meet Clients at their every tour need. Therefore, a variety of services is offered. What is more, you can choose a luxury coach rental or minibus hire. Besides this, other coach charter services we offer includes full day and half day tours. Finally, return dinner shuttles are also available.

On the subject of, luxury coach hire service in Johannesburg

Important to realize, luxury coach rental options consists of larger coaches. The first thing to remember, the 56 and 52 seater luxury coaches are world class. Similarly, the 39 and 32 seaters are typically considered to be the favourite luxury coaches which clients prefer to hire in Johannesburg. To point out, the luxury buses available to hire in Johannesburg indeed, have the comforts you require.

Not to mention, mini bus hire service in Johannesburg

As an illustration, a luxury minibus is considered to be a vehicle, which carries no less than 9 and no more than 17 people. In particular, minibus coach rentals in Johannesburg is the 15 to 17 seater luxury coaches. At the same time, it is spacious and has all the luxury features you require. Another key point, is that the reclining seats with armrests makes your tour experience comfortable. A point often overlooked, is that an air-conditioning unit is also available to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

With regards to, full day bus hire services in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Firstly, we’ve provided countless day tour services to many companies. To emphasize, the favourite and most popular tour being the cultural tour of Soweto. Coupled with, the highlights which include the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela’s House and Regina Mundi Church. Not forgetting the Hector Pieterson’s Memorial, which is usually the first stop in Soweto.

That being the case, experience full day hire to Krugersdorp and surrounds

Another key point, the bus hire pricing for a day tour like this in Johannesburg covers most areas. For example, a day trip to the Rhino and Lion Park in Krugersdorp has a similar pricing to that of a Soweto Tour. At length, more is explained in the Soweto Tour portion of this page.

To explain, half day bus rental services are a great way to save money

Surprisingly, our half day bus rental service ranges from 4 to 6 hours of touring. Typically, it is also referred to as a highlights tour. Significantly, saving you a portion of transport costs for your Johannesburg tour. Not to mention, good examples of this is the Top of Africa Experience (the 223 meter high Carlton Center building).

Clearly, these examples of half day services in Johannesburg provide a fair understanding of what can be expected

In the first place, Constitution Hill and Maboneng Precinct are all considered to be fair examples of half day highlight tours. This is great if you have limited time in which to do a tour. Additionally, some customers like to combine the half day bus rental service to kill time. Notably, this is before their long haul international flight back home.

First and foremost, shuttle transfer service from OR Tambo Airport

To demonstrate, as a customer you are spoiled for choice in Johannesburg. For this reason, an airport shuttle transfer from OR Tambo International Airport, is fairly priced. In particular, UBER assists the small groups, this being 1 to 7 people. But, our shuttle transfer service caters for conference groups or family tour groups. Alongside this, we deal with larger sized tour groups. This being 7 or more passengers.

In summary, estimated shuttle transfer costs for a sedan from OR Tambo airport

Equally important, we offer sedan airport transfers in economy Toyota sedans and also Mercedes Benz Sedans. To clarify, these are priced at a minimum price of R 690.00 one way. Notwithstanding, do keep in mind that our airport transfer service in Johannesburg, includes a professional meet and assist coordinator. For this reason, it is to help you from the moment you pass through the arrivals terminals. Specifically, this coordinator is with you until you safely board the coach with all your luggage loaded. As mentioned, we aim to take good care of our passengers.

Starting with, airport transfers from Lanseria Airport

By and large, Lanseria airport (code HLA) is the second most busiest airport in the Gauteng Province. Notably, it is also conveniently located. In short, it is situated en route to the infamous Sun City Resort in the North West Province. Having said that, the Rhino and Lion Park is very closely situated as well. In any event, the bulk of arrivals are domestic flights. In conclusion, this is a good option for large conference groups flying Staff to the centrally located venue.

Speaking about this, airport transfer pricing for 38 passengers

To tell the truth, airport shuttle bus hire prices for 38 passengers ranges between R 3,937.00 and R 4,596.00. Surprisingly, this is to a centrally located hotel within a 60 to 100 kilometers radius. Additionally, this is dependent on whether it is off-peak or peak season. Similarly, an airport transfer price on a 60 seater semi luxury coach rental option is about R 4,996.00. Finally, this is limited to a 100 to 120 kilometer radius.

Considering, return dinner bus hire services

To change the topic, a return dinner coach rental service in Johannesburg is made up of about 4 to 5 hours. Notably, this covers a 150 kilometers distance. Dinner venues for tour groups in Johannesburg abound. Subsequently, you are spoiled for choice. With this in mind, they are within 20 to 40 minutes from any central hotel. In the final analysis, a standalone return dinner transfer is more expensive. In comparison, a dinner transfer surcharge is cheaper to add it to a full day bus hire service in Johannesburg.

Finally, a standalone return transfer vs dinner add-on cost

To confirm, a combination of distance and time, a cost of about 20% is added onto the full day bus hire service. For the most part, this is half the price, compared to the the standalone return dinner coach rental Johannesburg price. In summary, it is therefore advisable to add your dinner transfer onto your full day touring service.

Coach Charter Full Day Tours and Associated Prices in Johannesburg

Full day coach rental Johannesburg prices

Equally important, choosing a luxury bus as transportation in Johannesburg to embark on a full day tour does not need to be expensive. In other words, much of the pricing depends on where your hotel is situated. In all honesty, it is ideal to start visiting the places of interest situated closest to your hotel. This is to say, after that you can venture out and find your way around. In addition, you can depend on the coach tour driver to get you to your tour appointments efficiently.

To compare, full day coach rental Johannesburg prices and travel distance

Uniquely, distances between some tourist establishments in Johannesburg are quite far. For instance, the distance from Sandton to Pretoria is a 45 minute drive. Most importantly, you should decide whether a full day or half day bus hire service would be sufficient. Consequently, so much touring can be done in 6 to 8 hours.

Further to this, the coach charter pricing difference between full and half day is minimal

To begin with, the coach charter prices for a full day and half day tour in Johannesburg or Pretoria are quite similar. As a matter of fact, there is an approximate 25% to 32% difference. However, this is dependent on travel distances. With this in mind, the main reason for the small difference is that the bus service hours are similar. That being the case, this impedes on the coach charter preparation time in the depot. In short, as a result of time constraints, it is difficult to utilize that coach after a half day tour.

Most importantly, avoid a rushed full day tour day

In general, all tourists would like to cover all the memorable sightseeing places in Johannesburg. It must be noted, that having a rushed tour experience is not ideal. Ideally, you want to have an easy 200 to 250 kilometers of sightseeing. Having said that, tour groups want maximum return on their tour budget. For example, spending a maximum of 1 hour at the Apartheid Museum, and another hour at the Union Buildings in Pretoria is not ideal.

Therefore, plan your tour well

Similarly, the Soweto tour is such a vital part of your Johannesburg experience. For all that, you don’t want to skimp by squeezing in too many tour activities into one day. Most importantly, you want to extract the maximum richness a tour day can offer. Lastly, plan well and maximize your tour budget.

To emphasize, split your day tour sightseeing over many days

In any event, if you arrive early in the day after your international (or domestic) flight, embark on a half day tour. Thereafter, depart for your hotel to check in. Likewise, you could visit one or two places of interest in Johannesburg. To sum up, depart for your hotel afterwards as there is no rush.

It is important to realize, to group your tour activities in the same region

On the subject of Soweto, Vilikaze Street and Apartheid Museum, they should be visited on the same day. Similarly, the Union Buildings and Constitution Hill should be experienced together. Afterwards, the Lion and Rhino Park in Krugersdorp could end off the tour day. If you think about it, by putting thoughtful planning into your tour itinerary, you will enjoy the maximum results of your efforts.

In addition, optional registered tour guides are included in your coach rental Johannesburg prices

To begin with, local tour guides are such a vital part of the tourist’s experience. Evidently, depending on the passengers’ excitement for information, tour guides can provide insightful commentary in a refreshing way. A point often overlooked, is that this makes the tour richer and memorable. Likewise, tour guides are also tasked with keeping passengers engaged and comfortable.

To clarify, tour guide pricing in Johannesburg is readily available

Indeed, tour guides provide commentary that is both helpful and educational. Having said that, the services of a tour guide is included upon request on our tours. Notably, tour Guides are trained and educated in the industry through Institutions like Livingstone Tourism Academy. What’s more, a tour group can expect to pay between R 950.00 and R 2,000.00 per day for a registered tour guide. That is to say, this is dependent on their guiding experience.

Sandton | Midrand | Pretoria | Magaliesburg

In particular, coach rental Johannesburg prices and what to experience while touring

To change the topic, when you arrive, you will quickly realize that this is a buzzing city. Understandably, from the Monte Casino to the Lion and Rhino Park, there is something to do for all tastes.

Bus charter costs in Johannesburg and places to see

Firstly, this city is a hub of activities. In all honesty, there are many places to see. As a matter of fact, while visiting Soweto, you can then also visit the FNB Stadium. Evidently, there are many activities to be enjoyed. Likewise, Gold Reef City has much to offer for the Family. To illustrate, below you will find a list of things to do. To summarize, coach rental costs are between R 2,900.00 and R 6,440.00. But, this depends on what bus rental size you choose.

In addition, highlights and things to do in Johannesburg

By the way, further to general touring you can see the following:

  • Constitution Hill

  • Union Building

  • Pretoria City

  • Top of Africa (Carlton Center)

  • Maboneng Precinct

  • Township Tour

  • Vilakaze Street

  • Central Business District

  • Monte Casino

It is important to realize, that you should tour Soweto in a luxury coach

Not to mention, the South Western Township (Soweto), is home to 2.5 million people. This special tourist attraction is steeped in history. Ironically, it is also the old home of two Nobel Peace Prize Winners. Namely, Nelson Mandela and Reverend Desmond Tutu.

Places to see in Soweto

Whatever happens, your coach tour starts with the Hector Pieterson Museum. Then, grasp the details of the riots, which led to his death. Not to mention, a visit to the Apartheid Museum follows. In addition, learn more about the painful story of the struggle for freedom. Regardless, the Regina Mundi Church should be visited. Finally, the FNB Soccer City Stadium, which hosted the FIFA 2010 World Cup Finals should be seen as well.

With this in mind, you can enjoy the culture and sounds of this local township

To put it briefly, no.8115, Vilakaze Street, Orlando West, Soweto is the old address of Nelson Mandela. This is now open for viewing. Likewise, Reverend Desmond Tutu also lived there. Furthermore, this humble dwelling was restored at a cost of R9million. Moreover, ethnic dancers will perform for you upon arrival. So, you will enjoy the true culture of the vibrant avenue. Lastly, the local market there brings much support and income to the locals.

It must be remembered, you can enjoy a meal at Sakhumzi Restaurant

To point out, this is a well known establishment. They cater original local cuisine. Moreover, the menu is refreshing. Chiefly, this is combined with a celebratory atmosphere. Truly, this gives the clients a memorable tour. So, be sure to have a lunch at this great eatery.

On the positive side, you can enjoy some shopping

Indeed, the Sandton City Center and also the Square is a shoppers paradise. Understandably, tour groups usually visit there the day before they depart to return home. Most importantly, the larger than life statue of Nelson Mandela is quite popular. For instance, on busy days you have to wait your turn to have your photo taken next to the statue. Furthermore, you can enjoy world class brands in Sandton.

A place often overlooked, is the Mall of Africa

Similarly, this center is situated in Midrand. It’s also a shoppers dream come true. Evidently, it is home to over 300 shops. Therefore, you require an entire day to enjoy this place. Notably, modern and clean, there is something for everyone. For example, the bus hire prices range between R 3,296.00 and R 3,986.00. Specifically, this cost is for a 17 seater minibus rental. Ordinarily, this is for a combination of visiting a sales outlet and an airport transfer.

Indeed, the Majestic Big 5 can be experienced at Reserves situated close to Johannesburg

To demonstrate, presented here are the game reserves near Johannesburg

In this case, experience the top 10 superior safari game reserves situated close to Johannesburg

Briefly, Johannesburg is uniquely positioned in South Africa. This city is situated close to Durban, as well as the Kruger National Park. To emphasize, these destinations are within a few hours drive. In addition, within reasonable traveling distance, the most memorable and picturesque game reserves can be enjoyed. Notably, you can enjoy the big 5 in the Game Reserves near to Johannesburg. Moreover, the top coach charter companies in Johannesburg are well experienced to transport your tour Group to their Safari destination.

Currently, tourists prefer to experience Game Reserves within 4 hours from Johannesburg

  • Pilanesberg National Park and Game Reserve
    Actually, the distance by coach from Johannesburg is a mere 200 kilometers (124 miles). In any event, the travel time is an estimated 2 hours and 30 minutes by luxury bus transportation.
  • Mziki Private Game Reserve
    Generally, b
    y bus from Johannesburg the distance 160 kilometers (100 miles). But, the travel time is a mere 2 hours by luxury coach.
  • Mabula Game Reserve
    In particular, the 210 kilometers (130 miles) is a comfortable journey. By comparison, the calculated travel time is 3 hours by coach.
  • Plumari Game Reserve
    Surprisingly, this reserve can be found within 85 kilometers (53 miles) from Johannesburg. To clarify, the 1 hour and 45 minutes by luxury bus transportation goes by so fast.
  • Dinokeng Game Reserve
    In short, by coach the distance is 100 kilometers (62 miles). Whereas, the 2 hour trip is worth the experience.
  • Welgevonden Game Reserve
    A point often overlooked, the travel distance by coach from Johannesburg is a 280 kilometers (178 miles) trip. With this in mind, the estimated travel time is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Secondly, game reserves within 7 hours from Johannesburg

  • Madikwe Game Reserve
    To put it briefly, the trip is a 4 hour and 30 minutes trip by coach. On the whole, the 355 kilometers (221 miles) trip is a breeze.
  • Kruger National Park
    In all honesty, the travel distance is 455 kilometers (283 miles). Under those circumstances, the transport duration is 5 hours.
  • Phinda Game Reserve
    By and large, from Johannesburg the trip is 550 kilometers (342 miles). Ultimately, the lengthy 7 hours by minibus is worth it.
  • Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park
    Last but not least, the distance by coach from Pretoria is more or less 575 kilometers (357 miles). Whereas, the travel time is an estimated 7 hours by luxury bus transportation.
Sabi Sabi Luxury Earth Lodge | Black Rhino Game Lodge | Phinda Game Lodge

Luxury game lodges within 3 - 6 hours from Johannesburg

If so, experience the luxury game lodges to travel to from Johannesburg

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss how our clients usually conclude their business travel. To start with, tourists love cultural tours. At any rate, they end their tour with a visit to a luxury game lodge. On the whole, it is situated close to Johannesburg.

Moreover, the travel time does not exceed 7 hours

All in all, the travel time is between 3 to 7 hours. In a nutshell, below are a few suggestions for you. Most importantly, it would be helpful to consider these while preparing your itinerary. Furthermore, a coach hire company in Johannesburg like us, would transport you to any of these  lodges.

Naturally, the most loved luxury safari lodges within 3 hours from Johannesburg

  • Black Rhino Game Lodge, Pilanesberg National Park
    Firstly, the travel distance by coach charter from Johannesburg is a reasonable 250 kilometers (160 miles). Moreover, the travel time is only 3 hours.
  • Ivory Tree Game Lodge, Pilanesberg National Park
    Notably, by luxury coach from Pretoria the distance is  217 kilometers (135 miles). Generally
    speaking, it would take about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Shepherd’s Tree Game Lodge, Pilanesberg National Park
    To clarify, the estimated distance by minibus is an easy 230 kilometers (143 miles). However, the travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Definitely, the best luxury safari lodges within 7 hours from Johannesburg

  • Nambiti Private Game Reserve, Ladysmith, Kwazulu-Natal
    By luxury bus transportation from Johannesburg usually, the travel time is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Consequently, the distance to cover is 390 kilometers (242 miles).
  • Phinda Forest Lodge, Phinda Private Game Reserve, Kwazulu-Natal
    For instance, the distance in a luxury coach from Johannesburg is 530 kilometers (329 miles). Subsequently, the transport time is 6 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Tau Safari Game Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve, Madikwe
    To be brief, the travel time to prepare for is 6 hours and 30 minutes. Evidently, the distance by coach from Johannesburg is 380 kilometers (236 miles).
  • Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve
    Considering this, the distance by coach from Johannesburg is 440 kilometers (273 miles). On the other hand, within 5 hours and 30 minutes, you will arrive at the lodge.
  • River Lodge, Lion Sands Private Game Reserve
    Indeed, you will have to cover 442 kilometers (275 miles) by luxury bus. However, the comforts in the coach makes the 5 hours and 30 minutes travel time bearable.
  • Tintswalo Game Lodge, Kruger National Park
    To clarify, the 6 hours in the coach is worth the experience at the lodge. Having said that, the 490 kilometers (304 miles) goes by in an instant.
  • Karkloof Safari Villas and Spa, Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal
    Finally, the estimated travel distance by coach from Johannesburg is 496 kilometers (308 miles). In summary, the expected travel time is 6 hours.
General Bus Rental Costs

Full day bus hire Pretoria prices including Johannesburg

On the whole, a coach charter service in Gauteng usually consists of about 8 hours. All in all, this includes a distance of between 200 to 250 kilometers (155 miles). Ultimately, visitors enjoy more sightseeing experiences during their full day coach charter. Similarly, corporate tour groups do site visits across Johannesburg for their investors or clients.

Regular coach rental Johannesburg prices to be expected

In either case, you could build your estimated coach charter budget for your tour group. Of course, this can be based on the full day prices. However, this would be an estimation only. To clarify, bus transport pricing also depends on which coaches are available for your tour dates. Subsequently, you may not be able to book the desired size coach. This is to say, if it is already booked for a another customer, you would need another solution. Nevertheless, the following bus charter price example can be used while preparing your tour budget.

[wptb id=7045]

A Great Cost Saver for Johannesburg Tours

Half day bus charter prices in Johannesburg

Generally speaking, touring for 4 to 6 hours provides an opportunity to enjoy the city highlights. As can be seen, the half day bus charter service is a wonderful cost saver. In short, this depends on your bus transportation budget.

In particular, half day coach rental Johannesburg price example

All things considered, a half day tour is ideal for a quick visit. To clarify, a visit to a historical museum is a good example. After all, tour groups who want to save on costs appreciate this. Given these points, in order to achieve this, a half day tour is welcomed. In summary, a half day price example is illustrated below.

[wptb id=7061]

Large Bus Hire Johannesburg Prices and What to Expect

52 seater luxury coach rental Johannesburg prices

In essence, a 52 seater scania higer luxury touring coach carries a fair pricing structure. Similarly, the 56 seater Irizar i6 luxury coach carries the same cost. By and large, a typical day tour in Johannesburg is quite possible especially, for the average budget.

To illustrate, the average bus hire price in Johannesburg for a 52 seater

On the whole, the 52 seater is considered to be the best Johannesburg private bus charter option. As shown below, you will discover the rental costs of this luxury coach.

[wptb id=6946]

Airport Transfers

Shuttle bus hire Johannesburg pricing from OR Tambo International Airport based on a 39 seater coach charter size

Notably, our clients are always warmly welcomed at the airport. A representative of our company provides this assistance. Consequently, our guests receive a great service. Additionally, they don’t need to struggle to find the coach. Finally, they are taken to the coach charter pick up zone where they depart for their hotel.

Discover coach rental Johannesburg prices for shuttles from OR Tambo International Airport

In general, bus transfers is cheaply priced from Johannesburg Airport to any hotel in Pretoria. To put it another way, it is a service that is in high demand. Therefore, competitive pricing is forced. Nevertheless, here are examples of various coach charter prices. In summary, this is from OR Tambo International Airport to hotels in Johannesburg, Sandton and Pretoria.

[wptb id=7049]

minibus hire price
Lanseria | Centurion | Krugersdorp | Muldersdrift | Magaliesberg

Coach rental Johannesburg price including Lanseria airport transfers

For the most part, most of its arrivals consists of domestic flights. To summarize, clients choose to land there, since they pay a cheaper airfare. Ordinarily, it is more affordable to land at there than at OR Tambo Airport. For instance, if you were travelling to Sun City Resort, then most certainly, you could fly to Lanseria. Surprisingly, you will only travel for approximately 1 hour to the resort.

In summary, coach rental Johannesburg pricing for airport transfers from Lanseria is cheap

To point out, a recent upgrade was done there. And as such, they’ve made provision for large tour groups. Having said that, they’ve made it easier for luxury coaches. For this reason, during passenger arrivals and departures it is easier. Nevertheless, find examples below of airport shuttles to and from Lanseria. As a final point, these prices are based on a 21 seater luxury coach charter.

[wptb id=7053]

minibus hire price
Johannesburg Local Food and Clothing Markets

Coach rental Johannesburg prices to transport Passengers to the best markets

To explain, clients usually request a visit to the local market. This of course, during their stay in Johannesburg. As a matter of fact, Johannesburg and Pretoria is a hub of locally produced trendy products. In addition, delicious food with live music, creates a festive atmosphere that tourists enjoy.

Consider as an illustration, a 4 day tour bus hire price in Pretoria

Incidentally, our recent tour group visiting Johannesburg requested to visit a local market. Subsequently, they visited one at the end of each day. Evidently, the main purpose of their trip was actually, for community improvement purposes.

Having said that, below is an example of their transportation budget. Specifically, this is on a 39 seater luxury coach rental price in Johannesburg.

[wptb id=7078]

Affordable Minibus and Coach Rental Johannesburg Prices

As an illustration, presented here is a price on a 17 seater minibus hire in Johannesburg

With regards to this, the luxury minibus is a favourite choice. For instance, business groups choose this minibus option. Thus, below we provide a bus hire price example of such a tour. To sum up, the below cost table will give you an idea of the coach rental costs. Specifically, this is based on the 17 seater vehicle.

[wptb id=7082]

Bus Hire Prices example
Average Coach Rental Johannesburg Prices

Itinerary example of a 10 day tour with average coach charter Johannesburg costs

In essence, tour groups visit Johannesburg from all over the world. As a matter of fact, they have various tour plans. Some visit for golfing. Moreover, other tourists visit to see the beauty of South Africa. On the other hand, most of them come for a specific purpose.

To demonstrate, study the example of this coach rental Johannesburg prices

In this case, below is an example of tour costs. On the whole, this was for a group of farmers from Europe. Interestingly, this tour takes place every second year. By and large, their itinerary stretched long distances. For the most part, they received a value for money solution.

[wptb id=7087]

Bus Hire Prices example
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In Conclusion

As a final point, customers need prompt coach rental Johannesburg prices

To confirm, every coach charter company in Johannesburg are all searching for loyal customers. Therefore, customers can start using coach rental Johannesburg prices to their benefit. As a result, they could build their bus transport budgets faster. Ultimately, this is only done if the bus transport services industry equips their customers.

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