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Luxury coach hire in Johannesburg: what options do you have?

Firstly, when considering a luxury coach hire option for your tour, we know that you want to make a value-based informed decision. In fact, we know that you do oftentimes experience frustration, since there are so many luxury coach charter variations available in Johannesburg. Therefore, we’ve created this page in order to help and guide you into making a great choice specific to your bus tour Johannesburg needs.


Luxury Bus Services for all Industries

The luxury coach charter options we offer is ideal for the following business segments

Over the years, we’ve rendered luxury bus charter and tour services to various business sectors. Namely, tour operators, universities, local and international and corporate companies. Worth mentioning, sports teams, professional conference and vents companies and not forgetting domestic and international governments to name a few. In brief, our luxury coach charter service spans across all business sectors.

Luxury Vehicles available for You

Offering flexible luxury coach rentals suited to your needs

Most importantly, a luxury bus rental service should firstly be safe, comfortable and of course affordable. As a result, we work really hard in order to ensure our Customers have freedom of choice and a wide variety of busses and coaches for hire available to them. So, here is the quick list of luxury coaches available, which is dispatched from the Johannesburg and Pretoria Depots.

Quick list of luxury coach transport size choices

60 Seater luxury coach

Firstly, the 60 seater luxury conference coach with onboard toilet is a great choice for large tour groups. Moreover, these tour vehicles are in limited supply. For the reason that, most coach operators opt for the 56 and 52 seater luxury touring coaches instead.

52 Seater luxury Higer coach

Secondly, the 56 and 52 seater luxury Higer coach and Irizar touring coaches are the premium options a Client can find. To illustrate, it is comes complete with all the luxury features Tourists require for local and long distances.

39 Seater Hyundai Universe coach

Not forgetting, the 39 seater Hyundai Universe luxury coach which is ideal for sporting coach hire groups as well corporate company tour groups.

32 Seater luxury Scania Higer coach and 36 seater Yutong R9 coach

Worth mentioning, is the 32 seater and 36 seater Scania Higer coaches. Additionally, this coach is available in the Yutong R9 model complete with reclining seats and seat belts.

21 Seater luxury Mercedes Benz coach

Unquestionably, the 21 seater Mercedes Benz luxury coach is by far one of the cheapest coaches to hire in Johannesburg and Pretoria. To clarify, it does not have an onboard toilet, but nevertheless has all the comfortable touring features tour Passengers require.

Luxury Bus Charters for long distances

So what are the best luxury buses for hire in Johannesburg that can be considered for long distances?

Most importantly, a Tourist Passenger requires maximum comfort while on tour for long distances. Having said that, we’ve seen the 52 seater luxury coach chartered more times as any other coach. On the whole, the 52 seater bus hire option has all the necessary comforts and luxury amenities. To illustrate, the individual reclining seats are generously padded with arm rests. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to recline the seat and to stretch your legs. On these long distances it is commonplace to see Passengers catch a quick snooze in between towns. Therefore, the 52 seater is the ultimate luxury touring coach.


Why Us?

Firstly, over the past 20 years of providing luxury coach charter vehicles to local and international Clients, we’ve learned a few lessons. Moreover, we’ve been privileged to operate tours for Government groups from around the world and of course tourist groups. We operate our luxury coach hire services with the principle of being there for you when you need us the most. All the support you will require while on your luxury bus tour is provided up front. We provide the luxury bus charter service which we want to receive ourselves.

Luxury Bus Features

As shown below, you and your Clients enjoy:

  • Firstly, top luxury coach charter brands like Mercedes, Scania Higer and Irizar

  • Luxurious reclining seats with arm rests and seat belts

  • Seat Configuration: 2 x 2

  • Air-conditioning

  • Onboard emergency toilet

  • Onboard fridge to keep drinks cool

  • Sealed/bonded windows

  • PA System with Microphone

  • CD/DVD/Radio with Monitors

  • Large under-carriage luggage compartments

  • Interior Overhead Rucksack and Parcel Rack

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