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March 14, 2023
March 14, 2023 Staff

Bus Hire Johannesburg: A Guide on Booking Transport Services

First time booking a bus hire in Johannesburg? Get the details you need to select the best transportation options for your needs.

Coach charter Johannesburg services and tourism saw a 147% jump in arrivals for 2022, making a comeback from the post-Covid19 drop in travel. As more people enter the city, getting around takes some planning. Learn everything you need to know in this transport services guide. 

Great planning equates to a Great tour. Plan your coach charter in Johannesburg well

It is a known fact in the coach charter industry, most Customers leave their bus hire arrangements to the very last minute.Sometimes, only a week in advance or a few days. Having said that, you have to consider how your Guests will move between destination. At what cost? Will they be on time? How about comfort? Budget? You have to take all these factors into consideration, and it takes time.

Therefore, this coach rentals Johannesburg guide should help you with all if not most of your questions.

  1. What is a Charter for Hire?
  2. What does a Charter Coach look like?
  3. Benefits of a Bus Hire Service.
  4. Choosing a coach rental style
  5. How to find a Reliable Coach Hire Company in Johannesburg?
  6. Who usually Rents Charter Buses in Johannesburg?
  7. What seating capacity do the coach for hire in Johannesburg have?
  8. Differences between a charter bus, minibus and minivan rentals in Johannesburg?
  9. What features can be expected should I hire a Bus for my Tour?
  10. Are Food and Drinks allowed on my Coach Charter?
  11. Can Tour Passengers Consume Alcoholic Beverages on the Luxury Coach Charter?
  12. Are any Items not Allowed on the Coach Rental?
  13. How Much Space is Available for Luggage?
  14. Do All the Coaches in Johannesburg have Onboard Toilets?
  15. Who Drives your Coach Rental while on Tour in Johannesburg?
  16. How Far in Advance should I make a Booking for my Johannesburg Coach Rental?
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"Plan your coach charter tour well, until near perfection. You will be glad you did."

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1. What is a Charter for Hire?


Firstly, a charter bus is available at your time requirement. It is not at the running at a schedule announced by someone else. It is on your planned schedule. For example, instead of waiting for public transportation to get around on your trip to Johannesburg, luxury charter services are there when you need them. Worth mentioning, is that public transportation is just that, for the public. On the contrary, a coach charter service includes a personal Professional Tour Driver who takes you wherever you want to go.

Essentially, these private hire vehicles have more features than a normal car rental. To mention them, extra luggage storage, available snacks and drinks, built-in emergency bathrooms and reclining padded tour seats.


2. What does a Coach Charter for Hire Look Like?


The first thing you will notice once you board a luxury coach charter is of course the Tour Driver’s cockpit. Further to this, behind the Tour Driver you will see the isle running all the way the to the back of the coach. To explain, on either side of the isle you will see padded reclining tour seats. This is complete with armrests and seat belts. Worth mentioning, the mid to larger tour coach charters have onboard emergency toilets. Not forgetting, the coach rental has overhead open storage spaces for smaller bags and items.

In essence, the coach charter ranges from 17 seats to 70 seats. As you can imagine, the coach sizes could be quite large complete with unobstructed views through the window. Moreover, the under-carriage luggage compartments are situated right underneath the Passengers. However, these compartments usually has a capacity ratio of 1 to 1.5 luggage pieces per person. Therefore, it is advisable to travel compact and light. Having all this information upfront, can be very helpful when booking your coach charter tour.


3. Benefits of a Bus Hire Service?

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Enjoy the positives of a coach charter service in Johannesburg

There’s an abundance of things to do in Johannesburg and to see it all you need to have reliable transportation. One benefit of using luxury coaches is that they are a long-term service, staying with you every step of your journey. Essentially, for the duration of your tour itinerary in Johannesburg, the coach and Tour Driver remains with you.

Other reasons to choose a charter vehicle include:

Large Group Accommodations
Travel Guide and Route Planning Assistance
Comfortable and Stylish Interiors
24-Hour on the Road Support

With 52% of Johannesburg households using taxis for weekly commuting, it may be difficult to flag down a taxi. Not forgetting, using an e-hailing service has provide to be very risky in South Africa, especially Johannesburg. Moreover, the Drivers of the leading e-hailing service in Johannesburg, seem to be picky and choosy of which trips they do. This could force you to wait for extended periods of a time. To summarize, a private coach rental service can save you time, and loads of stress.

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4. Choosing a Coach Rental Style.

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A coach to match your budget and style

A luxury coach charter comes in many sizes so that everyone in your party can ride together. Pick a vehicle that suits your activity and size requirement.

For example, you will need a bus hire service if you plan to take a large group of friends to a concert in the city. But, if your group only includes your family going to the airport or hotel then a minibus is appropriate.

Buses and minibuses can accommodate from 7-9 people to up to 75 people. So, no matter how large your group, a charter bus can keep the party going even while going from one destination to another.

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5. How to Find a Reliable Johannesburg Charter Company

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Service reliability is of utmost importance to our Customers

As one of the busiest tourist seasons arrives (September to April), you want to ensure that you aren’t waiting until the last minute. Most importantly, you should reserve your travel and tour arrangements promptly. Naturally, finding a Johannesburg luxury coach charter company before you arrive will relieve any travel anxiety.

Quite frankly, you also want a charter bus that makes your trip enjoyable. Additionally, a luxury coach should be clean, well-maintained, and safe. Plus, your professional Tour Driver needs to be knowledgeable about your itinerary.  He should know how to get around the city, including local tourist hot spots, should you want to make an impromptu stop. A Tour Driver can be driving a new model coach, but if his service is terrible, the tour is terrible. Search for an all-round tour service company who will give you there very best.

In addition, you want a service that has the right size vehicle and one that fits your budget.

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6. How Who usually Rents Charter Buses in Johannesburg and Pretoria?

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A luxury coach charter company should service a varied Group of Clients

Generally speaking, our coach rentals is offered and provided to a vast Group. To mention a few, Government Groups, businesses, schools, churches, sports teams are all part of the mix. We’ve discovered that there is a common thread among all these Clients. That is, they want quality product with excellent service.

As an illustration, we mention a few of the coach rental services we operated. These were for tours in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Gauteng Province. Conference Shuttles: HASA (Hospital Association of South Africa) at the Sandton Convention Center. Event Shuttles: Volkswagen South Africa National Awards in Kyalami and Waterval. Corporate Group Travel: For a well known Property Group Fund site inspections. Sports Transfers: For Corporate and Private Groups to rugby matches for the Springboks Rugby Team at Emirates Airline Park.

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Seating Capacity

7. What coach charter seating capacity is available to me in Johannesburg?

Seating Capacity
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What coach rentals sizes would suit my Tour Group’s needs?

What coach size would suit our Group’s tour needs?

First and foremost, it is common practice for Tour Groups to opt for a slightly larger seating capacity than is needed. To explain, the reason for this is that the luxury coach charter copes better in terms of luggage space and extra room. The space inside the coach would thus be ample for the tour Passengers. On the other hand, traveling at full seating capacity is also welcomed. As quick reference, the following list highlights the various coach sizes to be considered. Most importantly, these are chauffeured services, as Tour Operators do not offer self-drive options.

Minivans for hire in Johannesburg

  • 7 Seater touring minivan (Hyundai H1, VW Kombi T6)
  • 13 Seater Toyota touring minivan

Luxury minibus coach rentals in the Gauteng Region

  • 17 Seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury tour coach
  • 19 Seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury tour coach
  • 21 Seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury tour coach

Luxury midi bus coach hire Johannesburg and Pretoria options

  • 28-32 Seater luxury tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 34 Seater luxury tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 36 Seater luxury tour coach with onboard emergency toilet

Luxury tour coach charter variations

  • 39 Seater luxury heavy duty Hyundai Universe coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 42 Seater luxury touring coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 44 Seater luxury touring coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 48 Seater luxury tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 52 Seater luxury Scania Higer tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 52 Seater luxury Irizar i6 tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 57 Seater luxury Scania Higer tour coach with onboard emergency toilet
  • 57 Seater luxury Irizar i6 tour coach with onboard emergency toilet

Larger Johannesburg conference mid-luxury coaches for hire

  • 60 Seater conference coach
  • 62-65 Seater conference coach
  • 68-70 Seater conference coach
  • 75 Seater conference coach

Therefore, with this many options you have all you need for your coach charter rentals in Johannesburg.

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Book Your Bus Hire Johannesburg Service

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Choose the Best Coach Charter Company in Johannesburg

In conclusion, be sure to book your bus hire Johannesburg service before you arrive. To explain, it is better to book in advance of your planned tour. By doing so, you would avoid coach availability and demand issues. Thankfully, you will be able to discuss your bus charter size options with a Consultant. Further to this, you may plan your route each day with the Tour Driver to get the most out of your visit.

Start by contacting us for a free quote and get your luxury coach charter questions answered.

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