An Affordable Bus Rental Option for Limited Budgets

Semi-Luxury Coach Hire Johannesburg

Semi luxury coach hire: ideal for budget restrictions

It is important to remember that, the semi luxury coach hire option is an excellent fit for any budget. To explain, your tour plan does not have to be hindered by budget restrictions. In fact, we have assisted both local and international tour Groups with this bus hire option. Therefore, in addition to a luxury coach rental request, we provide Groups with a semi-lux coach quotation for consideration. This way, a clear comparison can be drawn between costs.


Semi-Lux Bus Features

To clarify, the semi luxury bus charter features includes:

  • Non-reclining seats with seat belts

  • Seat Configuration: 3 x 2 (some semi-luxury bus models 3 x 2)

  • Air-conditioning

  • Onboard fridge to keep drinks cool (some semi-lux coach rental models only)

  • Sliding windows (sealed/bonded windows on some models)

  • PA System with Microphone

  • CD/DVD/Radio with Monitors

  • Large under-carriage luggage compartments

  • Interior Overhead Rucksack and Parcel Rack

Semi-Lux Quote

    Tour Johannesburg on a restricted coach rental budget

    For small tour Groups

    21 Seater semi luxury coach hire option

    Comfortable semi-lux minibus hire

    By all means, we provide semi-lux mini bus hire tour options in Johannesburg for small groups with limited transport budgets. It must be remembered that, the less Passengers travel, the average cost per person increases. Therefore, for small groups looking to maximize their transport budget, we provide the 16 seater and 22 seater semi-luxury bus rental option. In summary, although these affordable minibuses do not have reclining seats, they are still comfortable. Making it a great option for local and long distance tours. Finally, in comparison to touring buses, the 22 seater semi lux minibus price is

    Budget friendly semi-lux coach charter

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