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The 70 seater luxury coach in Johannesburg is the ideal value for many option. Transport up to 70 Passengers in sheer comfort, style and luxury.


Luxurious, sufficient leg room and ample features, this is what you can expect when utilizing the 70 seater luxury coach (without toilet) in Johannesburg and Pretoria for all your local and overland transfers and tours.

The 70 Seater is ideal for those larger groups, perhaps from 50 and up to 70 passengers. If you require something much more upmarket and comfortable than a basic 65 seater semi luxury coach ( front engine ), the 70 seater is perfect. Corporate Groups, Sports Organizations, Churches, Conference Delegates or Tour Groups will find touring or being transported on this Coach such a pleasure and an absolute comfort.

The 70 seater luxury coach includes the following features:

Seating individual high- back, reclining, cloth upholstery, arm rests, seat belts
Seating configuration: 3 x 2
Fully air conditioned / Climate Control
Sealed windows
P.A System with Microphone
Overhead parcel and under-carriage luggage space
TV and DVD/Multimedia entertainment facilities
Onboard Cooler box

The world renowned Panoramic Route is one of the perfect tour routes for the 70 seater luxury coach amongst others. Guests will get to see God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Blyde River Canyon. This is one of the most popular traveled routes in South Africa.

However, you have to be warned, that travelling on this coach while on tour, can cause you to miss all these beautiful sightseeing opportunities, as you might be fast asleep in your seat. This is the effect the 70 seater luxury coaches’ reclining padded seats has on you. Your resistance to absorbing and enjoying the comforts, luxury and sheer classic experience is down to zero.

Our Bus Hire Johannesburg Consultants are eagerly awaiting your enquiry. Kindly complete the enquiry form on the left of this page to receive a detailed quotation from a Consultant, on the 70 seater luxury coach and perhaps other options. We are ready to serve you!

Our integrity and promise is your reward.

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