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52 Seater Luxury Bus Hire in Johannesburg and Pretoria, perfect in its simplicity, yet extremely comfortable and gloriously luxurious.      Luxury Bus Hire in Johannesburg has just become readily available to you at affordable rates.


South Africa is a dream destination for travelers spanning the globe, and no matter what region they come from, or what language they speak, it is essential to have proper luxury transportation, between sites such as Oliver Tambo Airport, Johannesburg City Center, Pretoria, Sun City and the infamous Kruger National Park to name a few, and throughout the greater Gauteng region.

There are several transportation options to choose from, such as personal taxis and car rentals, but these do not provide the same luxurious treatment as the bus hire Johannesburg service does.

For any Group wanting to sit back and peacefully relax while enjoying the countryside and the amazing sites the region has to offer, they probably don't want to be instructing the driver where to go, or attempting to navigate the busy streets themselves. With the bus hire Johannesburg service, none of these are problems, as the driver will be fully equipped in advance with your itinerary and tour details. He will know exactly where to go and how to get you there safely.

Touring on a 52 seater luxury coach has some major tour benefits. These 52 seater luxury coaches come complete with the following features and comforts:

Seating: individual high- back, reclining, soft textured cloth upholstery, arm rests, with individual seat belts
Dual coach entrance points
Fully air conditioned / Climate Control
Sealed windows
P.A System with Microphone
On-board toilet
Overhead parcel and under carriage luggage space
TV and DVD facilities
On board fridge/cooler box

One of the additional main advantages of utilizing the 52 seater luxury bus hire Johannesburg service is the ability to sit higher off the ground. This gives an exceptional vantage point of the surrounding area, whether it is in the city or Pretoria Central and Kruger National Park. By being higher off the ground, travelers can see further across the horizon, plus the city traffic is underneath, giving a better view of the city, local restaurants and friendly souvenir shops.

These 52 seaters are typical luxury coaches ideal for long distance tours from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds across South Africa, and also for VIP Conference Delegates who require to go for a dinner transfer in the City. It is an up-market coach, which is exclusively reserved for you, if you want to experience true luxury while touring.

Contact one of our Bus Hire Johannesburg Consultant for further information on 52 seater luxury coach hire in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

An experienced Consultant will gladly assist and advise rates with a detailed quotation according to your tour preferences and Johannesburg and Pretoria bus hire requirements.

Our integrity and promise is your reward.

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